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Data in E-Commerce

The article where Cihan dogan evaluated the Data in E-Commerce sectrom from a competition law and policy perspective.

Why Bother with a Market Definition

Cihan Dogan contributed to “Competition and Regulation in India - Digital Economy - Hitting the reset button on competition and regulatory governance” report published by Cuts International. Our contribution is published as chapter 7 of the report. In the contribution titled “Challenges Associated with the Market Definition Process on E-commerce Platforms: Why Bother with a Market Definition?”, Cihan Dogan (together with another author) have discussed the possibility of assessing market power of digital platforms through their economic characteristics in cases where the market definition process is burdensome.

Action for Damages

An Empirical Study in Light of the Current Judicial Enforcement on the Action for Damages brought Based on the Board's 12 Banks Decision is published in BATIDER.

Algorithmic Tacit Collusion

An article where Cihan Dogan evaluated the adequacy of the presumption of concerted practices to cope with algorithmic tacit collusion, is published in European Competition Law Review.

Standard Essential Patents

"Standard Essential Patents: An Evaluation from a Competition Policy Perspective", Fostering Innovation for Sustainable Development - Revisiting Intellectual Property Rights and Competition from the Lens of Optimal Regulation, CUTS International, pp. 3-18.

Cuts 5th Biennial

Cihan Dogan was a speaker for the "Information and Communication Technology: Licensing of Patents and Standard Essential Patents" session during the 5th Biennial Competition, Regulation and Development Conference on 9-11 November 2017, Jaipur, India.

European Commission

Commission fines Scania €880 million for participating in trucks cartel.

European Commission

European Commission fines Google EUR 2.42 billion for abusing dominance as search engine by giving illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service.